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The average person buys maybe two to three homes in a lifetime so you aren't experts - you aren't supposed to be!

Thats why people like me exist, to get you through it!

Q: Can you show me a house a different agent has for sale?

A: I sure can! Regardless of who's photo is on the sign - I can take you through it! Agents are used to working with someone else on the transaction so my job in that case is representing you & they will represent the sellers.

Q: How much do I pay you to find me a house?
A: You don't! I get paid at the closing table from the sellers! My job is finding you a house & helping the transaction along. You owe me nothing besides a thank you if you think I did a good job.

Q: I want to sell my home but worry I can't afford an agent how much will it cost?
A: I don't get paid until the closing table. Also everything depends on your individual home. In most cases, you can't afford to not call me because my job is to sell your house, why do your day job & then have to do my job on top of it? Listing consultations are free & don't have to take but a few minutes of your time. We can crunch numbers & see if having an agent will work out like you'd like.

Q: I found a for sale by owner I really like. Can you show me?
A: More often than not I sure can! When someone sells their home, they want it sold. If I can bring them a willing & able buyer they usually don't mind working with an agent. In this case I still represent you & your best interest in the transaction.

Q: I have to have thousands of dollars in the bank to purchase, right?
A: FALSE! There are many options available for homebuyers that don't include being independently wealthy to start.

Q: How do I get financing?
A: I know & work with some amazing lenders. Let's talk & depending the kind of mortgage you're looking for I'll send you to the perfect person for you & your needs.

Q: Can I buy a house even though my credit isn't outstanding?
A: Depending on what your score is purchasing is still very doable. A short discussion with a great lender will put you on the right track to buying if you're not there just yet.

Those are just a few of the very many questions I get asked daily.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you & your real estate needs!

KayLa Forret-Munoz 
Licensed in Illinois & Iowa

Keller Williams Realty
Greater Quad Cities


If you have any questions about  buying, selling or getting your finances in order just let me know! 

If I don't have the correct answer I'll be sure to find it or put you in contact with those who do. 


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